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About Buzuzu Construction

We bring to the table our technical, physical, and experiential capabilities. We stand behind our qualifications, meeting integrated management system requirements.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited is a Nigerian-based construction company established in 2002. At Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, we seek to contribute to the physical and ideal foundation of our surroundings—establishing our legacy, leaving our mark, and making great progress in the construction sector. We are an accomplished construction company with more than a decade of experience developing significant infrastructure across the Niger Delta. We are grounded in safety and inspired by the future. Our ideals are set in stone. At Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, we don’t just get the job done—we get the job done right.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited has flourished to become one of the Nigeria’s primary specialists in road and infrastructure. We are qualified, certified, and specialized. We work with the most valuable clients, completing major projects in excavations, infrastructure, internal roads, highways, freeways, car parks, and the laying of concrete and asphalt. Behind our commitment to quality is a dedicated team that provides superior technical backup and highly trained manpower. Buzuzu Construction Company Limited’s sizable fleet of construction equipment includes dozers, excavators, shovels, backhoe loaders, dump trucks, graders, steel and pneumatic-tired rollers, asphalt pavers, milling machine and other machinery.

Our company’s success is driven by an unyielding commitment to the highest quality work, delivering to our clients the most advanced facilities. Buzuzu Construction Company Limited is renowned for its distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques. We serve as a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions for complex construction projects Buzuzu Construction Company Limited is dedicated to the pursuit of construction knowledge, staying up to date with industry trends and always looking towards the future.

Our project delivery and industry relationships speak for themselves. Committed to safety, quality, and robust programming, our work is demonstrated through our values, guiding us in everything we do. We develop rigorous management processes and practices across all construction projects to maintain our high standards and deliver above expectations.


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History and experience, business model and performance, passion, vision and values: discover Buzuzu Construction Company Limited in a few pages.

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Our vision

Our vision is to contribute to the development of a sustainable future for our communities. We envision becoming the regional contractor of choice for the design, construction, and delivery of significant road and infrastructure projects across Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form beneficial, reciprocal, deep-rooted, and ever-growing relationships with our clients and communities by delivering the highest quality projects within reasonable time and budget. We strive to be recognized for consistently providing top-level solutions, safety, expertise, and satisfaction.

Core Values:

Buzuzu's core values guide the manner in which our business operates. Our unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, our pride and belief in our people, and our end-to-end project execution are fundamental to our success.

Business ethics

We live our values as a habit. Today we have put them down on paper and transformed them into rules and commitments.