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Our Approach to Health & Safety

It is the policy of Buzuzu Construction Company Limited and its subsidiaries to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner that seeks to protect the environment. Our goal is to be a leader in environmental practices by emphasizing and encouraging innovative and creative solutions, and continually improving our environmental performance.

The safety of our personnel and of the local communities at large, and the integrity of our operations, are essential values for us, and fundamental to guarantee a sustainable operating environment.

Protecting the health and safety of our personnel and assets starts with the construction of a strong culture, shared by every person in the Group. The ultimate goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment free of accidents or injuries. The responsibility for safety extends from top management to trade workers and includes everyone in between.

At Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, this goal is pursued every year through the Leadership in Health & Safety (LiHS) programme: this initiative serves to spread safe behaviour, focusing on the development of leadership at all levels, regardless of the position held, of knowledge and skills on the subject of health and safety, strengthening the commitment to provide a safe, healthy workplace for everyone. We work diligently to observe all applicable Federal, State and local requirements, and to be guided by good practice as necessary for each specific location and circumstance.

Our approach to the promotion of health and safety principles is at the same time top down and bottom up: we not only provide our managers with incentives to explore innovative tools and ideas and become, themselves, sources of inspiration for others, but we encourage our workers to help us understand the real health and safety needs in their daily lives, in order to implement effective strategies and improve the relative regulations. Workshops, events, contests and awareness campaigns integrate and complete the initiatives, and the methods applied to build a context of health and safety at Buzuzu Construction Company Limited.


The areas of business engaged in by Buzuzu Construction Company Limited involving the handling and storage of materials which, if not carried out with due regard to safety are capable of resulting in accidents. In line with our HSE policy, the following minimum rules shall be strictly observed to ensure that accidents are avoided both at our premises and those of our clients.

Workers on construction site may sometimes take matters into their own hands, resulting in safety violations or, worse, injury. And while it is the rig operator’s responsibility to see that they are sufficiently trained and that the workplace is free from hazards, it is vital that every person on a construction site develop a keen sense of safety.


Buzuzu Construction Company Limited makes provision for the first Aid units and engages qualified MEDICS to administer same. In addition to this the company establishes retainer ship with approved clinics. This is to ensure where the need arises, adequate medical attention and care is given to employees.

We believes that there is a relationship between accident prevention and good health Policy, It is therefore our drive to maintain a good health oriented workforce and environment.


to provide and deliver products and services which meet or exceed our customer requirements, while working toward continual improvements and customer satisfaction. This goal is achieved through the establishment of a quality management system designed to ensure product conformity, provide measurements of its processes and utilize the measurements for continual improvement of its processes.