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Culverts Construction

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, has performed construction and installation of a wide variety of culvert structures, including multiple concrete box culverts and open bottom arch multi-plates, many of which required live stream diversions in order to accomplish the work. Notably, Buzuzu Construction Company Limited constructed an aluminized 171 inch by 110 foot long arch culvert with interior baffle plates and sloped in-and-outlets.

culverts of various spans and sizes, from over 60 inch diameter culverts to large span, precast deck and girder bridges. These installations comprised numerous and varied conditions and assemblages, including (but not limited to): various abutment designs; stream diversion and restoration; riprap energy dissipaters; aluminized inlets, spillways and splash aprons; and gabion, riprap and cast-in-place headwalls. In addition to traditional culvert work, the nature of our core service areas provides Buzuzu Construction Company Limited extensive experience installing unique and single design flow management structures.

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We provide the equipment and advanced technology for construction of internal and service roads, highways, and car parks

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