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corporate policies

Upholding our values means being crystal clear about how we do business and how we conduct ourselves as individuals. Our Code of Business Conduct and its underlying policies are at the heart of... a better world

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through excellent management and continuous improvement of our products and services. We aim to deliver our services efficiently and effectively, exceeding industry standards. Buzuzu Construction Company Limited ensures that all employees are properly trained, equipped, and motivated to serve our customers in accordance with the highest level of professionalism. Our team’s combined years of hands-on industry experience makes us the top choice for high quality services. We are committed to quality, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited Quality Statement serves to comply with the Terms and Conditions of engineer and client contracts, and with the applicable regulatory and legal requirements of the industry, environment, and safety. Contracts require us to complete the planned work according to agreed-upon specifications, within an agreed-upon timeframe, and at the agreed-upon price. These are fundamental requirements of the construction industry and Buzuzu Construction Company Limited will continue to meet these requirements.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited recognizes that maintaining a sufficient margin to invest is dependent on continually improving our techniques and the competencies of our people, so that client wishes, shareholder profits, and employee expectations are fully realized. By doing so, prospective clients will have no qualms negotiating further business with our company.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited recognizes that key material suppliers and specialized subcontractors contribute to our success; we are committed to maintaining close and beneficial partnerships with these parties. While projects are underway, we are committed to reducing any issues to a realistic extent, within the limits of each contract, in order to preserve these relationships.

Buzuzu Construction Company Limited remains committed to our continual progress by establishing company-wide quality improvement objectives. The objectives are communicated down through the organization, so that each level understands its role in attaining these objectives. Once branch- and department-level objectives are met, they are reviewed according to this Quality Statement. The results are then used to prepare new objectives. This Statement is regularly reviewed by upper-management for accuracy and relevance.